I know that people like to hear about the experiences of others. With that in mind, I share these testimonials that I am so humbled by and grateful for.


Icon testimonial“I have been coaching for over a decade and teaching coaches for eight years, so I know a good one when I see it. Debi is cream of the crop and here’s why…Not only does she have the most approachable, calming energy with everyone she meets, but this beautiful energy is wrapped in a thick blanket of warm, unadulterated acceptance. It seems there is not a judgmental bone in her body and THIS is so refreshing. Add to that her incredible listening and amazing ability to intuit just the right questions that make you go A-HA! She’ll give you just what you need to understand what’s keeping you from being your best self. I can’t say enough about Debi’s awesomeness. Whether you hire her as your personal coach or take one of her life-changing workshops, you will love her honest and upfront approach and her crazy-good skills. Call Debi today and get ready to EMPOWER YOU! You’ll be so glad you did.”

Jennifer Powers
Author, Speaker, Coach, CTA Instructor

Coaching Testimonials

Icon testimonial“Finding Debi as a life coach has been a total game changer. I have been able to make huge changes in my personal and business relationships. Debi’s skill at listening and asking questions really has accelerated my transition from someone who was experiencing life as something that happens to you, to a person who sees his life as something that he is in control of. With the many tools Debi has given me, I see no limits to the positive changes that I continue to make as I move forward. Thanks Debi, for showing me how to change my life.”

Mark F.


Icon testimonial“Debi is a natural and has truly found her purpose in this world. After listening to me talk she tells me what she has heard…sometimes pointing out interesting contradictions in what I have said which provides me with a unique perspective and awareness. She makes me feel comfortable and safe to talk about anything. She also has provided me with great tools to work through my specific issues. She has helped me pick the “weeds” from my life garden so I can see what I truly want to do with my life. I am forever grateful”

Monique B.


Icon testimonial“Admittedly, I believe that I know everything. I often think I have my entire life sorted out, but on the advice of a friend, I began meeting with Debi. Her insight was extremely enlightening, and I was soon considering possibilities for myself I would never have explored without her encouragement. I have a new found confidence and am empowered to make positive changes in my life.”

Brianne W.


Icon testimonial“My personal coaching experience with Debi Wilson has honestly been life changing! Together we have tackled everything from relationships, health, feelings, obstacles, goal setting and everything in between. Debi has such a calm and wise demeanor, and has deftly and gently guided me to discover answers within myself. She has helped me to recognize and change deep seeded beliefs and motivations that have been holding me back. She specifically helped me to deepen, strengthen and intensify my relationship with my husband of 34 years. Debi has helped me reach goals that I had never even dreamed of. Her thoughtful insights, as well as her wisdom and humor really served me to find clarity and motivation, and move myself to create a life that I want.”

Bobbie F.


Icon testimonial“I have known Debi as a coach and a friend. My experience is that she is a pillar of strength, honesty and integrity. She is a woman who not only lives in her own truth but draws the truth from any relationship she enters. She encourages me every time I talk to her. She frustrates me into finding my own truth and in doing right by my kids, my husband and extended relationships. I am encouraged by her choice to become a life coach because I am certain the wisdom she imparts will be beneficial to all involved.”

Wendy P.

Oh, Shift! Testimonials

Icon testimonial“Coming into the ‘Oh Shift!’ workshops I was feeling that I was on the precipice of change in my life. But I felt stuck. The ‘Oh Shift!’ workshop with Debi Wilson gave me the tools to create real change in my life. My husband and I have found new joy and satisfaction in our 17 year marriage, and I have started a new job that I find rewarding on so many levels for me! I was ready for change, but wasn’t sure how to navigate my way. ‘Oh Shift!’ was the compass I needed.”

Andrea D.


Icon testimonial“The Oh Shift! workshops were exactly what I needed on so many different levels. Mostly, having so many principles to utilize, really helped me ‘Oh Shift’ away from ALL my negative repetitive thoughts to a very freeing and guiltless way of being. Whoa… what a shift, and I AM very grateful for that. It’s like a long awaited vacation for my mind, body, and spirit! Thank you and much love to Debi and ‘Oh Shift!’ for helping and enhancing me on my journey!”

Debbie L.


Icon testimonial“I was introduced to the “Oh Shift!” concept quite by accident and did it ever make a difference for me! At first, I tried to tell myself I did not need to take part in the sessions. That thought process changed with a “welcome all” email from Debi prior to the start of the first session, which put me at ease. The welcome from her swept away any doubts I had about participating. The ‘Oh Shift’ workshops were amazing and Debi was a great facilitator. Debi’s positive personality and guidance has made a huge impact on me. During times when topics were a bit harder to grasp or talk about she guided us through them and made it easier to tackle our individual problem areas. These sessions gave me the tools I needed to make some much needed changes in my life, including pursuing (and getting) a new and rewarding job! I am also thankful for the friendships I have made with the ladies in the group and find that I celebrate their successes too! I recommend ‘Oh Shift’ with Debi to everyone and cannot say enough positive things about the results in the way I deal with negativity and decisions in my life.”

Tina W.


Icon testimonial“Upon hearing of a tele-series workshop offered by life coach Debi Wilson, there was initial hesitance, as this concept seemed daunting to me. After brief consideration, I did enroll, and was welcomed into the group in a very relaxed manner for the initial workshop. The “Oh Shift” series began with self awareness, and ultimately other topics relating to change, choices, words we use (my personal favorite), reactions, to name a few. Debi set the pace in a warm and welcoming manner, allowing the participants to open up or simply listen and learn. The workshops increased my awareness, offering tools to utilize in daily life, affecting positive changes in my interactions with others. These exchanges brought a sense of empowerment to improve my wellness of mind and body. I felt a kinship with the other ladies, humbled by their stories and thankful for the kind input from everyone. I’m extremely grateful to Debi for her commitment to help others through these workshops, as well as for her kind and generous spirit. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone interested in evolving, improving, increasing awareness in all aspects of life.”

Dana S.


”  Take my hand, and I’ll take yours, let’s walk.”

– Debi Wilson –