You and Me

Who I Am:

I am a life long student of human behavior.  As the youngest of 5 children I remember consciously learning from others’ life experiences and wisdom.  I observed what worked, what didn’t, and noticed the relationship between responses and outcomes.  I earned a BA in Psychology, with a Business Administration emphasis from UCLA.  I have had a career in Human Resources management, and I received my Coaching Certification through Coach Training Alliance, an accredited program by the International Coach Federation.

Whether in academics, my career, or my personal life I have been fascinated with what makes people who they are: what informs their decisions, actions and beliefs.  And I have interacted with people from the point of that fascination for years.  Personal development is my passion.  I discovered early on that I had a gift for introspection, processing my feelings in a quick and healthy way, and helping others do the same.  And I have been developing my more intuitive side.  I have learned that the key to the outcomes we want in life lies within us being truly aligned with who we were created to be: our best and true selves.  That’s when we make our greatest contributions to ourselves, to others and to the world.  That is my intention, and as a parent, I have a special desire to help other parents achieve this within themselves so we can be better examples, and better resources for our kids so they can be their best and true selves.

I see my life as a spiritual journey and I’m at a place where I want to approach all people and situations with love, and see where they, especially the difficult ones, give me an opportunity to grow, expand and be better.  I am a life long California girl – casual, easy going and open-minded.  I look for inspiration everywhere and I love sharing it!

Who You Are:

You are someone who is also on a journey.  The journey is your life and you are looking to improve it and/or make it more fulfilling.  Wherever you are on your path – you are functioning, but you are at a place where you want to take one or more areas of your life to a higher level.

You may be looking for a renewed sense of self, to become a more peaceful parent, to change a dynamic at work or somewhere else in your life . . . Maybe you feel a sense of overwhelm or want to move out of procrastination . . . You may want help with making decisions or figuring out your next step or purpose at this point.

Whatever it may be for you that’s keeping you from your potential and ability to be your best and true self – you are someone who is open minded, willing to invest in yourself, and willing to change or let go of beliefs and patterns if they don’t serve you anymore.  You are ready to take action!  If what I have shared resonates with you, then we would likely make a good fit.  I would be so honored and excited to meet you where you are, and to spend some time walking with you on your path!


I would love to talk to you!

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“At the center of your being you have the answer:

  you know who you are and you know what you want.”

                                                      – Lao Tzu –